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Steel Shelving – A Reliable Storage Solution

Steel shelving has in modern times become the backbone of storage systems. Steel shelving comes in thousands of types and styles. They have varying capacities and sizes according to the consumers’ needs.

Steel shelving normally consists of two vertical steel sheets or rods supporting horizontal steel sheets. They do so with help of grooves, brackets or screws. However nowadays companies also provide steel shelving which can be assembled by the consumer without screws or bolts.

Steel shelving may be made out of various kinds of steel like heavy-gauge steel, hammered steel, chromed-steel etc. Then there are also steel shelves which is known as stainless steel wire shelving. This provides for the passage of light and air through the shelves thereby preventing the collection of moisture and the subsequent damage to the stored goods. Steel shelving provides modular shelves. These shelves are also pretty mobile in nature. Quite a few of these shelves also provide for adjustment of the number of horizontal shelves making them highly adaptable to a variety of uses.

They may be used for storage of heavy industrial goods as well as homes as a reliable solution to plain old clutter. In the first instance it provides a light weight solution for storing heavy industrial equipment and in the other instance they provide storage with high visibility so you can find whatever it is you are looking for at a single glance.

Steel shelving is also sometimes specifically designed for use in automotive centers and garages. These steel shelves are able to withstand the oil spills, the cleaning liquids, the paint and the heavy spare parts to emerge as the best answer to the needs of the automobile industry. However, quite contrastingly is also used in a lot of kitchens around the world. Their durability against bad weather and pests also makes them a popular choice in a number of homes. They also withstand the rigors of restaurant cooking and angry chefs!

Steel shelving is also, almost the only kind of shelving which has been able to maintain it’s position in factories and industries. Steel shelving used for bulk storage is very popular. It has adjustable shelves as well as up to 2 inches of increments for optimal utilization of vertical space. It is perfect for those oversized pieces of industrial machinery! How else would you be able to keep all that bulky, oily, greasy, awkward equipment safe?

Some steel shelves are also coated with enamel to give them a better look as well as added durability. These are often used in offices and schools for storing massive amounts of paperwork. Some of them are also combined with storage bins for added efficiency. Some steel racks are also used in combination with materials like chrome as well as medium density fibreboard. Looking at all the options steel shelving provides it becomes very obvious that life for workmen as well as homemakers has been made much simpler because of steel shelving!

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