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Steel Building , The Path to a Stronger Future

Steel buildingis one of the dominant features of our lives today. We live in steel buildings and we work in them. We use them as storage houses and car washes. Some of the tallest buildings in the world wouldn’t be in existence without steel building. The Taipei 101 in Taipei, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Sears towers in Chicago, The Jin Mao building in Shanghai and the Empire State building in New York are all famous examples of what steel building is all about. But it is not just these famous buildings, known for their skyscraper status that are steel building examples. We live in a world surrounded by steel buildings.

Steel building is an alternative to wood building. Steel buildings are easier to construct and able to withstand insects, fire and earthquakes better than traditional buildings. They are much stronger and more durable than other kinds of building material.The main advantage steel buildings is their strength. They are connected by high strength screws and bolts. They do not shrink,warp or change with time. Steel buildings are unaffected by termites, fire and earthquakes. Steel is also a widely available material unlike wood which is dependant on cutting down trees. Additionally, newer metal building materials combine steel with aluminum and zinc to guard against rust.

Steel buildings are used for a wide variety of purposes from barns to aircraft hangers. They are easy to construct. They usually come in kits with do it yourself manuals. These buildings can also be transported fairly easily. They are used to store your grain and crops, for the trucking industry, for heavy equipment storage, as steel dairy barns, as steel frame homes designed to suit your taste, as outdoor storage sheds for home, agricultural, and commercial use, for helicopters and small planes, as indoor recreational facilities, as portable metal buildings, as retail stores. Also, traditional arch style metal buildings are used for government and military purposes.

Steel is shaped for commercial use in rolling mills. Here successive passages of the red-hot ingot between variously shaped rollers give it the desired form. Pittsburgh, one of the world's great steel centers, built its first rolling mill in 1811; Bessemer steel rails were rolled in Chicago as early as 1865. Low- or medium-carbon steel is used for sheeting and structural forms because of its amenability to welding and tooling. Steel was first made by cementation. The famous blades of Damascus and of Toledo, Spain, were made by the cementation and crucible techniques.

The Bessemer process, the open-hearth process, and the basic oxygen process are more widely used in modern steel making for steel building.The open-hearth uses a regenerative furnace; instead of a firebox at one end and a flue at the other, it has devices at each end for the intake and outflow of both fuel and air.The open hearth process was developed in 1866 by Sir William Siemens and is till date used in modern steel building.

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